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The Must-Have Drinking App


Nights out with drinking buddies are so much fun! But there is often the question raised of “whose round is it”. Maybe this comes after a few drinks, maybe there’s always that one guy in the group who forgets his round, or the one who abruptly leaves before the next round (which happens to be his). Nobody wants an argument about whose round it is, that could spoil the entire mood. After all, you are here to have fun!

The “Whose round is it” app is just what you need the next time you and your buddies are out catching some drinks. It’s a super exciting and easy to use app that helps you determine who’s getting the next round in just a matter of seconds.

This incredible app saves you the awkward and somehow troublesome stage of deciding who’s paying for the next drinks. It’s so user friendly; you don’t have to worry about navigating through it. It doesn’t always need alcohol, what about that time at work when everyone wants a coffee but nobody can be bothered getting up. Don’t sweat it, this app will determine whose round it is!


Its Features


As aforementioned, “Whose Round Is It” is one of the coolest and fun apps you’ll come across. You don’t need any skill whatsoever to navigate through. It’s particularly aimed at 18-40-year-old guys.

The application has a provision to load the names of all the people present. Here, each of you is assigned a butler and a number. The app allows for a maximum of eight players in a single game. At the end of the game, a butler is identified to get the drinks, and all other butlers can sit happily in the knowledge their drink is soon to be hand-delivered.


How to play


Drinking with regular friends or work colleagues should never be boring, it’s a time for socialising and to create a bit of banter. And this app helps by providing excitement so, how do you play this game?

First off, each one of the players has to enter their names to a specific butler number. Upon loading each butler name, you have the ability to save lists (if you are regularly with the same people) or to go straight to the race. Click the “Start Race” button, gather around the device and watch all butlers in the game race towards the finish each carrying their number and tray.

At the end of the race, the butler who gets to the table last has to get the drinks in. The other players can input their desire drinks to avoid the wrong beverage being delivered. See that! Easy peasy!




This is the only app that provides you unmatched fun and laughter while at the same time solving the problem of deciding the next person to get the drinks in. So, the next time you are having drinks at an event, pub, office or even at home, this is precisely your go-to app. It will provide random results but you get to casually banter that friend who gets picked consecutively. This app is available just on Android for now but it will ensure you enjoy the next drinking spree with your buddies!

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